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Susanna Hood

The Muted Note


Canada (Quebec)

Artistic Director

Susanna Hood

The Muted Note is a suite of songs by Scott Thomson that set poems by P.K. Page. Susanna Hood has choreographed these songs on three other dancers, and sings them live with four other musicians. The choreography, like the songs, is animated through improvisation; the creative input of the ensemble is at the core of this show.

Poet : P.K. Page
Composer : Scott Thompson
Choreographer : Susanna Hood
Dancers : Alanna Kraaijeveld, Bernard Martin, Ellen Furey
Singer : Ellen Furey
Bass player : Nicolas Caloia
Drummer : Pierre Tanguay
Saxophonist alto : Yves Charuest
Lights : Paul Chambers

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Susanna Hood

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